Game night has never been more out of this world...

Zoneopoly mashed two great American pastimes together for an unbelievable fun game night. 

Included are interactive properties that take you back to certain episodes, reversible destinations, a cornfield you do not want to get lost in and more.

The Zone takes fans of the Twilight Zone and the too-young-to-know-better kids and mashes them together in the Zone where only the wealthiest survives.

Release Date July 1st 2019

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family playing Zoneopoly

The Zone, Zoneopoly is a board game coming in 2019. Zoneopoly in the same universe as the Twilight Zone, but not affiliated in any way to Twilight Zone. Any Questions or Comments can be emailed to: info@zoneopoly.com Our copyright policy can be found here.

Own your piece of a much larger, stranger, universe.

You might get rich, you might not. But be careful what you wish for.

Sign Up for our 25% Early Bird Discount!

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