The Zone (Zoneopoly) functions as an entertaining game related to The Twilight Zone franchise. However, it neither makes any inference that it is an official part of the franchise nor condones any of its editors using official, copyrighted material in the creation of the The Zone (Zoneopoly) game. Copyrighted material is not permitted to be used in the presentation of articles, except when its use qualifies for use under the policy of fair use.

Any content or media used under the fair use policy should follow the following provisions:

(1.) using as little of the total source as is necessary (e.g., one or two lines from a work, one or two screenshots from an entire episode), (2.) using it for a non-commerical or not-for-profit manner (i.e., no endorsements, no advertising, no spam), (3.) using it in a way that it will not be confused for the officially licensed work/product (e.g., indicating it is a selection from an original work; with images: reducing size, lowering resolution, cropping, etc.), (4.) using the image only when no other free alternative exists, and (5.) using it in an illustrative manner for the purposes of education and research. Credit to the copyright holder must also always be given, along with a link to the owner or author’s website or other means of contact if at all possible.

Copyright statement

The Twilight Zone, The Twilight Zone: The Original Series, The New Twilight Zone, Twilight Zone: The Movie and Twilight Zone: Rod Serling’s Lost Classics are all registered trademarks of CBS Corporation. The Zone (Zoneopoly) game is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by CBS.

Neither is The Zone (Zoneopoly) game associated with Warner Bros., Viacom, New Line Cinema, United Paramount, The Scifi Channel, Cayuga Productions, Inc., the Serling Estate, or any of their affiliates which maintain trademarks on The Twilight Zone properties in part or in whole.

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This site and the The Zone (Zoneopoly) game is no way intended to infringe upon any copyright or trademark. All contributors are expected to refrain from using copyrighted work without permission or which exceeds the definitions of fair dealing (UK, Australia, and Canada) or fair use (United States) provisions of copyright law. Please consult the Wikipedia articles on fair dealing and fair use for a better understanding of these terms.

The Zone (Zoneopoly) game is intended for personal, entertainment purposes only.

The Zone (Zoneopoly) game offers no suggestion that the work presented on this web page is “official” or produced or sanctioned by the owner of the aforementioned trademarks. The Zone (Zoneopoly) game will take all steps necessary to ensure that any usage of trademarked items in no way confuses the audience of this site as to its origin. The Zone (Zoneopoly) game makes no claim to own The Twilight Zone or any of the names related to it.

Images that are displayed on this site are NOT copyrighted to either the CBS Corporation, Warner Bros., New Line, or Cayuga Productions, Inc. Visitors may download any pictures displayed on this site for personal use, as long as they are not used for profit, and proper credit is provided.

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